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Principal Trees Ltd takes environmental issues very seriously and aim to recycle 100% of our arisings from tree operations.  At Principal Trees Ltd we produce large amounts of woodchip every day and as much as possible we encourage customers to mulch the woodchip straight back into the ground.  Despite this much has to be taken back to our depot.  This is then either sold to customers as mulch, used as chips for paths etc. or is collected in bulk to be taken and used in powerstations.

The larger wood that is taken to our depot is sorted into grades.  The best is sold onto the timber trade for a variety of uses, the medium grade is processed into logs, dried and sold on as logs for household fires and stoves and the lower grade is woodchipped. 

The firewood can be purchased, please see our firewood and logs page.

All other green waste is stored in our depot then shredded and added to our woodchip pile then sent to power stations.

We harvest rainwater whcih is used to water our tree stock and when available used to water trees in streets under our maintenance regimie.




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