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Once a tree has been removed, the root system known as the stump is left in the ground. Often the stump is in the way of future plans for the area, whether it be an extension, shed, planting of some description or just in the way of grass cutting.

These stumps can be removed with one of our specialist stump grinders. This is a relatively simple operation where a machine with a cutting wheel and teeth, grinds the root into manageable wood chips.

Principal Trees has a variety of machines to suit all situations; we have both large and small self propelled machines to cope with stumps from site clearance to single stumps in a back garden.  For those more difficult stumps where access is less than 30 inches wide, one of our grinders can fit through a standard doorway and be carried by two men. When spaces are particularly confined, or access is difficult, then it's time for us to get out the axe and shovel!

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