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At VENABLES TREES we have specialised in conservation based arboricultural works for a number of years along with our regular highways, parks, schools and residential works and have evolved our thinking firmly along these lines.

Formative Pruning - Is pruning in the early years of a trees life in order to discourage any defects and to encourage development of a good structural tree shape.

Crown Lifting - Is the removal of the trees lower branches in order to allow more light through. This also prevents damage to the tree from passing vehicles and pedestrians

Pollarding - Is the complete removal of all branches from the trunk

Crown Thinning - Is the selective removal of the trees small internal branches. The shape and size of the tree remain the same however the tree is less dense due to less foliage. This in turn allows more light to pass through the tree and also reduces wind resistance.

Crown Reduction - Is used to reduce the tree in size but keeping the trees natural shape. This is done by pruning back the ends of the branches

Felling & Stump Removal - Is the complete removal of a tree down to ground level with the option of the stump then being ground out. Felling can either be done in one go or felled in sections. Climbing irons should only be used on a tree that is to be felled.

Deadwooding - Is the removal of deadwood, damaged or diseased branches throughout the crown of the tree.

Nothing - Sometimes absolutely nothing needs to be done to a tree.

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